Weekly Favs Week 1

So I am trying something new! I buy so many random things (some good and some not so good!) But I’ll only share the good things that I have found to really like! Each week I’ll try to post some of my favorite things. It will be anything from skincare, makeup, essential oils, kid stuff — you name it. I am here for all the random goodness.


L’OREAL INFALLIBLE TOP COVER — I love this foundation. I have actually been wearing it for a long time, so I wanted to include it in my first weekly fave. It is a full-coverage with a matte finish. I have normal/oily skin and it never shows any shine. I wore Estee Lauder Doublewear Max for years and still love it, but for the quality and the price point; the Top Cover takes the cake. I wear shade 306 Buff Beige.

MAYBELLINE FIT ME PRESSED POWDER — This is another one that I have been wearing for years. I keep it in every bag of mine and it is great to have for a touch up or just to check yo’self in the mirror after you have had dinner or red wine.. lol. This is also a matte finish. Its great quality and will seriously last forever. At the price point, I normally buy a few at a time. I wear color 222.

EYLURE MAGNETIC LASHES — Ok, so I just cannot do glue on lashes. I have super sensitive eyes and it really just irritates me. I have done everything under the sun to get my lashes to grow, but in the meantime magnetic lashes will have to do the trick. I like that the liner on the Eylure is in a tip liner, so it is easier to apply. Although the directions say to apply only 2-3 coats of liner, I would suggest applying 4-5 coats of liner to get your lashes to really stay in place. I also like the fullness of the Eylure lashes. They are great to wear during quarantine to give you a little “pick me up” without making you feel like you’re getting ready to head to prom.

PETER THOMAS ROTH HYDRA-GEL PATCHES — I need these because — well, I have a one year old and I am working from home. Shouldn’t that be explanation enough as to why these are a fav?? HAHA šŸ™‚ Seriously though, these are great for reducing puffiness and dark circles. They are a splurge, but it is a little treat after baby goes to bed. They are also really great for after a night out (what is a night out anymore?!) If your eyes are puffy, they help sooo much! Would recommend.

TURBIE TWIST HAIR TOWEL — I can’t tell you all how much I love this thing! I have super thick hair and it normally takes about 45 minutes to dry with a blow dryer. If I try to let it air dry, it never dries. The turbie twist really cuts down on the time I have to use a blow dryer which is nice because I am trying to limit heat and damage to my hair. I would definitely recommend.

WET N WILD BARE IT ALL LIPSTICK — If you like MAC Velvet Teddy, you’re going to love this dupe! I bought this a while back for under $5. It it super good quality and goes on really smooth.


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