Baby Travel Essentials

As a first time parent, I learned the hard way when it came to traveling with an infant. I vividly remember around this time last year when Zach and I starting to plan our first “Family of 3” vacation. I’ll admit — I got a lot of anxiety thinking about taking a 7 month old on a beach vacation. “But all of the bloggers do it!” I said to myself, trying to convince myself that if everyone else can do it, then surely I could too.

After trial and error, under packing and over packing, with more than 30 overnight trips and 8 plane rides, I feel like I have this traveling with a baby thing semi-figured out. Today, I am sharing some of my favorite travel essentials for baby along with some advice from yours truly’s personal experience.

GB Compact Stroller

Okay, first things first. If you do not have this stroller. I suggest you invest. It is perfect for traveling especially in an airport. It holds up to 55 lbs. and can fold down super compact. You can check it at the gate or even carry it as a carry on. I have done both and have had no trouble. We love this stroller.

It is seriously the best stroller. I am so glad that my friend told me about it when we first starting traveling with Stella.

Diaper Bag Backpack

I had this diaper bag backpack on my registry and it was one of the gifts that my Mom got for us. We get so much use out of it. Sure, its nice to have “fancy” diaper bags to take to church or just around the house. But for legit travel, this is a great bag. It is super durable, has insulated pockets and a lot of zipper compartments. The neutral color is great too because Zach told me early on that he would not carry a “girly” bag. The canvas is washable and waterproof. The beige section on the bag has stayed super clean for me even after all of our trips.

Diaper Bag Dispenser

Ok, I feel like this one should be pretty self explanatory, BUT when traveling on an airplane it is really nice and considerate of the other passengers to put a poop diaper in a bag that ties before throwing it away in the 2×2 lavatory on said plane. Get this, asap!

White Noise Machine

White noise machines are the bees knees. This SkipHop White Noise Machine was a favorite because it has a hook that let us put it onto her stroller or carseat. It stays on hours and is great to use at home as well.

Wet/Dry Bags

Wet/Dry bags are such a must when traveling with babies. Its a stylish way to hide a blowout outfit instead of using Walmart plastic bag (I’ve done that too, though!). Wet dry bags are also great to put swimsuits in, snacks, you name it. They have a canvas interior and are easy to wipe out.

Formula or Food Dispenser

We started using these pretty early on for formula when we traveled for short trips or to have formula supply on the plane. I these allow for three servings so that always worked out for enough bottles between getting to our destination. We use them now for snacks like cereal.

On the Go Brush and Drying Rack

Definitely a must-have. This little set is really convenient when traveling to clean the baby’s bottles or sippy cups. It fits great in a diaper bag, too.

Bottle Cooler/Insulator

Must have for breastfeeding mamas. this little cooler is compact, but can hold a lot of frozen milk and keep it cold until you get to where you’re going.

Sticky Food Mat

Must-have for travel with a baby or toddler that sits in a highchair. Great to put down on the tray on the plane or in a restaurant and doesn’t move. To view my entire list of travel must-haves, click here.

A few things that we packed before, but didn’t feel was useful were a carseat, because most rental car companies will add a car seat if you request one and in larger cities you can request an Uber with a carseat. Where Stella is under 2, she is still considered a lap child, so no need for a carseat for us yet.

Another no for us is a pack and play — for two reasons. One, Stella doesn’t like them. On trips she will co-sleep with us or in a bassinet when she was younger. Two, most hotels have cribs or pack and plays if you call ahead and request one. Just always make sure to bring your own sheets.

I hope this has helped y’all calm some nerves about traveling with a baby. I felt so anxious about traveling with Stella and really it was all in my head. Instincts kick in and a lot of people are very helpful when they see that you have a baby.

Happy Tuesday and happy traveling!


  1. Krystin Yates Castle
    March 15, 2020 / 9:26 am

    The skiphop owl is life! We still use the bigger version!

    • kymamainheels
      March 16, 2020 / 4:06 pm

      Me too! We still take the travel one on trips with us and it has really been a lifesaver. 🙂

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