Tree #2 : My Whimsical Christmas Tree

This is my favorite tree in the house! I was inspired by Emily Gemma from the Sweetest Thing Blog‘s Christmas tree from last year. I loved how she made so many colors and patterns work with one another. One thing that I am learning as I am getting older is that my style is evolving. Surprisingly, I love it! I really enjoy mixing and matching patterns and put my own twist on a tree that inspired me last Christmas.

This is a 6 ft. tree that is tucked away in our den. I picked up all of the decorations at Walmart except for the striped ribbon which was purchased on Amazon. Our tree is available at Big Lots

For the ribbon on this tree, I did it a little differently than on my buffalo plaid tree. I used 2” wired ribbon and cut it into about 6-8″ long pieces. With this ribbon, I simply took the ribbon and twirled it and then used it to fill in any empty spots that I had.

This is an easy trick if you don’t have a lot of ribbon to use!

My last, but not least tree will be up soon! It’s an extra special one. Stay tuned!

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