Glam Seamless Hair Extensions by Angie Jarrell-Dotson

About a year ago, my long-time hairstylist, Angie Jarrell-Dotson starting doing Glam Seamless braidless sew ins (very commonly known as weft or beaded row extensions), she kept telling me how great they were and how they were much less damaging and less maintenance than tape-ins. Being a new mama, I was so reluctant to do anything to my hair that required any maintenance at all. In fact, right after I had Stella, I made an appointment with Angie to get my hair darkened to my natural root and just let my hair grow for about six months without doing anything to it.

However, after seeing soooo many great before and afters that she had posted and hearing such good reviews from her clients, I was sold. I scheduled a consult with Angie, she ordered my weft and made my follow up appointment for color and installation. The extensions came in really quickly and the installation process wasn’t bad, at all! I have pretty thick hair, so for color (We added some highlights and toned my weft to match the highlighted color of my hair) and installation, it took about 4 hours.

during installation

I am finding myself adding much less heat to my hair these days because the extensions hold curl so well. I also wash my hair less (about once a week – week and a half) which helps so much with growth. My only regret with my Glam Seamless sew in is that I didn’t get it sooner!!

during installation

Many have messaged on IG asking some questions, so here’s some FAQ:

What lengths does the hair come in?

The sew ins come in 18″, 20″ and 22″. I am wearing the 20″ hair and it gave me a couple extra inches of length and added fullness around my face.

Where can I get them?:

Angie Jarrell-Dotson is my go-to hairstylist. She is Glam Seamless certified and is a a pro at color and extensions. Click here to find her on Facebook and Click here to follow her on Instagram.

How much does it cost?:

Prices vary due to the thickness and length of your hair. It is best to call or message to schedule a consultation so that she can match you up with the length and color that would suit you best.

How often to you get them redone?:

I just had my first bump-up in October. I initially had them installed in early August. I would say every 6-8 weeks depending on when you need your color touched up and how fast your hair grows.

Damage to your real hair?:

I feel like these are the best hair extensions if you’re looking for something that is low maintenance and safe for your real hair. The way that they are installed doesn’t put much tension on your real hair which is great and I am using much less heat and product now because the extensions stay styled so well.

What products do you use?

I use a couple of products on my hair after I wash it and before styling. I will be sharing those in a separate post!

after my 8 week bump-up and some added highlights!

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